Depositing funds with Trendingraphs is safe and easy. You can choose the most convenient way for you:

Bank transfer

Credit/debit cards via the

payment system

The company is doing everything possible to make the trading process easy and comfortable, and cash transactions are convenient, fast and secure.


Trendingraphs does not charge for account replenishment. However, you should remember that standard fees may be charged by most service providers, so check the conditions of the system or bank you have chosen before making a transaction. The standard transaction fee is about 2.5-3% of the payment amount. The payment system may also charge for the use of its electronic bills or bank card servicing.


All customer data is fully encrypted to ensure the security and confidentiality of funds. You can be sure that no third party will have access to your personal information.


If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact our support team at [email protected]


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